Squeaky Garage Doors?

Call us for garage door roller replacement in Cedar Rapids & Iowa City, IA

We have all heard the dreadful noise that comes from our garage doors. Typically, this is due to a problem with the garage door rollers and will needs repairs. The purpose of garage door rollers is to ensure the garage door moves smoothly and safely while opening and closing.

For your garage door repair it is important to have experts come and examine your garage door. Call CR Garage Door Repair at 319-929-3506 now for your garage door service needs.

Benefits of fixing your garage door rollers

Fixing your garage door rollers will:

  • Eliminate any unpleasant noise from your garage door
  • Increase how smoothly and safely the garage door moves
  • Decrease future garage door repairs with proper maintenance

Replacing your garage door rollers is not a DIY project. To replace the roller or realign the roller we must remove the entire garage door hinge. From here we will fix the garage door roller then reinstall the garage door hinge.

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